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We're in High Growth Mode

PlugIN's culture is dynamic, fun and entrepreneurial.  Our corporate management provides franchisee's with the highest level of ongoing professional support, training, expertise and resources.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a lively and unique entertainment culture that is meaningful to people of all ages and backgrounds who want to celebrate alongside friends, family and colleagues while enjoying music, delicious food and drinks.

Our vision is incorporated into the details of every corner of every one of our branches. In addition to our newest venues in Miami, the PlugIN chain currently operates 6 venues in cities across Israel and is in negotiations for opening additional ones in the US.

Our Offering

Based on our experience of hundreds of thousands of clients we have perfected our comprehensive franchising package and knowhow that supports the launch of a successful business.

Our Package Includes:

Consulting Services – detailed consulting services relating to recommending preferred location, optimal size and design and planning fundamentals. We also address go to market approach and the branding process. We provide financial overview through pricing recommendations, cost analysis and P&L projections. Additional consulting services are in our detailed offer.

Planning – A very detailed design plan as to how best adopt the target location to the PlugIN model. Planning includes Initial floor plan, acoustics and multimedia specifications, project budget & schedule, staff planning and more items that insure a successful build of the location.

Construction – In order to insure a rapid yet successful location build our team provides several elements that include onsite visits and inspection, PlugIN S/W installation, content integration and testing.

Pre-launch – We provide a comprehensive pre-launch program which will be the basis of a successful everyday management of the facility. Our program includes onsite training for the operating team, how to create and manage the reservations Center, how to manage the products portfolio and the monitoring tools.

Operational – How to operate the technical aspects of the business which includes the PlugIN operational web site that enables ordering and marketing support, on-going content and S/W updates, on-going operational support, financial monitoring and many other items.

If you're interested in learning more about franchise or investment opportunities, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team at:

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