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Company Night & Happy Hour

Looking for the best experience for your company’s corporate event? Look no further than PlugIN – an unforgettable premium experience guaranteed!
The serious stuff – branded to your corporate identity, full use of our audio/visual equipment for corporate presentations, workshops or announcements, all the infrastructure and amenities are already included!
Eat and drink – in-room, full-service bar and premium dining.
Let’s sing – Built in entertainment! Experienced DJ to keep the energy level high and a personal event planner to make sure everything runs smoothly! 

Corporate Themed Events

Company Off-Site

Company off-site- What better way to get motivated and share mutual goals than rocking out to your favorite songs while enjoying premium food, drinks and sound!
Choose your room size (up to 150 people) and pick a menu (all diets, even breakfast!)
Use our audio-visual equipment for your presentations, workshops etc.
After a delicious lunch, our team is on hand with a long list of hits, some that you have picked and others we’ve carefully curated for you.

The Perfect Project Kickoff!

There’s no better way to bring a new team together!
Facilitate new connections and prepare team members to take on the challenges ahead.
PlugIN's private rooms are the perfect location for in-door workshops for employees and clients alike.
Advanced audio-visual, diverse menu, an extensive music library to choose from and our experienced team available to keep you all hopping!

Executive Development 

The go-to choice for executive management level events - a day away from routine management calls and excel charts.
Engage your managers in a fun-filled meaningful experience to refresh and reinforce relationship building.
PlugIN private rooms present an attractive venue for management events - equipped with everything needed: advanced sound system, screening options, audio-visual aids and of course a delightful meal. It's a perfect fit for your leadership team.
We’ll provide the backdrop, you bring your content and people. It will be a perfect match!

Company Night

Crush your average happy hour, give your team a memorable night out!
Company night is a special occasion where rank and titles are put aside and fun is shared by all.
A company night with PlugIN is guaranteed to lift team spirit and strengthen relationships that will last long after the event.
Our planners will craft a custom event to suit your organization, helping you build a suitable playlist mixed in with any corporate messages you wish to convey, combined with the ideal menu of premium food and beverages to top it off.

Awards Night

Hold your corporate awards event with us for an unforgettable experience!
The best audio/visual experience combined with premium private rooms and top-notch food and beverages!
Whether serious or comic, bringing your team to PlugIN for your corporate awards event will take the top spot on your corporate calendar as the most fun event ever!
Our team of planners will work with you to get your branding needs, food and beverage requirements and playlists all tuned up and ready to get everyone on their toes!

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